Brian Williamson

Co-Founder | Private Wealth Advisor

Brian is a co-founder of Veridian Capital Partners. He has been in the private wealth industry since 2012 and brings a depth of knowledge in areas regarding financial management, investment strategy, and estate planning to the clients he serves.

Beyond contemplating efficient asset management – one of Brian’s favorite topics – his greatest joy is traveling and exploring new destinations with his wife, Julia. They have a loveable golden retriever, Finley, who doesn't partake in their travels, but eagerly participates in their year-round hiking and canoeing adventures. Brian is also an avid skier and soccer enthusiast who will gladly share his adoration of Liverpool Football Club with you. 

Brian hails from Western Maryland and claims that this is the best place on earth to live because of the small town feel, big city amenities and a healthy dose of all four seasons to boot. If you’re ever thirsty for a craft beer, take Brian up on his offer to meet you at one of Frederick’s local breweries.