Working with VCP

At Veridian Capital Partners we love wealth management. However, we understand that discussing finances isn’t everyone’s favorite topic. When you sit down with your advisor you can count on receiving real world advice in easily understood terms. Our initial goal is always to get to know you. We’ll promote an open dialogue where you are free to have any pressing questions addressed.  This is what you can expect from us during your first meeting and beyond:


What to expect at your first meeting:

  • Our initial discussions are always complimentary. Don’t worry about having to pay a fee just to meet an advisor.  
  • We’ll ask that you bring current bank and investment account statements for checking, 401(k), and other commonly used accounts. Additionally we’ll have questions pertaining to your household income and expenses.  
  • Your financial and life goals and dreams are important to us. They’re one way that we measure our success. As such, you can expect that we’ll inquire about the objectives you hope to achieve in both the short and long term.  
  • Part of working with  us is mitigating risks. This means reviewing currently held estate documents and insurance products for home, life, and long term care.  
  • Discussing financial issues can be stressful. You can always expect to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity when you meet with us.
Client meeting


What You Can Expect as a Client

  • We will always put your best interests first.  
  • l approach your wealth the same way we approach ours.
  • Offer strategies that are truly custom-tailored to you and that align with your objectives. 
  • Explain the implications of strategies we propose and the decisions you make.
  • Keep you apprised of progress and changes to your personal financial plan. 
  • Hear from us on an ongoing basis. 


What We Ask Of YOU

  • Let us know what’s on your mind. Our success depends on it.
  • That you’re honest and forthcoming so that together we can devise a plan that truly accounts for everything.
  • Your commitment to the plan we each agree to.
  • Trust us to present optimal solutions given your current financial situation

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