Your relationship with your financial advisor is one of the most important you’ll ever engage in. When you choose to work with us, we recognize that you’re entrusting us with your life’s work.  As fiduciaries, we promise to always put the interest of our clients first.  When we begin to work with you our timeline is measured in decades, not months or years. 


It’s the foundation of our entire business. We’ll always be forthright and honest about how to address your unique financial situation.


VCP strongly believes that a team of professionals is better than any one individual. We share ideas, insights, knowledge, and feedback. When it comes to putting a plan into action, you receive our collective expertise. We will work together, step by step, to develop a plan that suits you.


As an independent firm, our compensation is not based on how many products we sell. We choose investments because we believe they fit your objectives.  We are wholly invested in our client’s success and satisfaction.  Our goal is to be transparent in fee conversations and are happy to discuss how we are compensated. 


Expect to hear from us. We believe informed clients are much better advocates for their interests. Keeping open lines of communication ensures we’re always on the same page and moving forward together.



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